In our Agile Leadership Online Course, co-author of the agile manifesto Arie van Bennekum shows what agile leadership really means and gives insights into knowledge from over 150 agile transformations.

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The solution to this fast world lies in agility. But agility destroys all leadership structures, doesn't it? So where to go with classic leaders, managers, department heads? Retirement?

No, the answer is: become agile leaders. Agile leadership is not only important for successfully transferring a product or a company to the next generation. Agile leadership is also key when it comes to winning the "war of talents".

How you survive as a leader, what competencies you need to get even stronger through the agile transformation: Arie van Bennekum, co-author of the agile manifesto, shows you in our most comprehensive online course to date.

Future-proof leadership

Happy employees

Secure corporate growth


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Learn anytime wherever you are: via cell phone, tablet or PC

Arie van Bennekum, the co-author of the agile manifesto, gives insights into his knowledge from over 150 agile transformation. In 39 extensive chapters you will get to know everything about what it means to be an agile leader.

Only 499,-

Exam and Certification with True Agile 

Our Agile Leadership online course prepares you for the official exam and certification Certified Agile Leader (CAF) The exam is optional and can be purchased in addition to the online course.


  • Executives who do not want to be left behind when it comes to "New Work" and "Agile".

    Heads of departments and divisions whose companies are in the process of agile/digital transformation

    Managing directors and board members who want to (continue to) make their companies successful in the long term

    Project managers who want to lead their project team towards agility

    Freelancers who want to support companies in the digital/agile transformation and coach managers 

    CIOs who finally want to understand how their IT becomes high-performance IT through agility


    In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied, you get 100% of your money back. You book your online course without any risk.

    By the way: In all these years, no one has ever redeemed this guarantee!

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  • Depending on the exam you want to take, you can buy the exam directly in the Check Out. The exam costs 199€

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Only 499,-

I took part in a Scrum course in February and enjoyed it very much. The content was very well conveyed by the trainer, the training documents are good and you can take appropriate notes. Before the course started I was sent a powerbox which makes a very high quality impression. The trainer and support team are professional and supportive at all times.
A great and interactive design thinking course with a very experienced instructor and good preparation for certification.
After an open SCRUM training two years ago, we now had Sebastian do an intensive virtual "in-house" training with one day of theory and one workshop. At both events we were able to take away a lot for us and our everyday life.

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